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Is Nearly Naked the best foundation for large pores?

Revlon is one of the top names in makeup and beauty products. Their name has long been on the top of the list as they’re well-known for creating products that enhance the beauty without robbing the bank. If you are a woman bothered by large pores searching for a specialty foundation to help you look your best, the Revlon Nearly Naked product is one that might be of interest to you. Some say that the Nearly Naked product is the best foundation for large pores and there’s a good chance that you will agree with that statement.

What is Nearly Naked?

Revlon Nearly Naked is a pressed powder foundation that is free of any oil-based ingredients. It is easy to apply and lightweight so it never weighs the skin down. In fact, many women report that they cannot even tell that the makeup is on their face!

Nearly Naked is available in a variety of colors to suit the skin tones of fair skinned women up to those beautiful complexions of color. The pressed powder is easy to apply and quick so getting ready to go is no longer a time consuming process.

best foundation for large pores

The price of Nearly Naked is another highlight. While many of the products designed specifically to treat large pores are double or triple the cost of the traditional foundation, Nearly Naked keeps this product affordable. While prices vary, expect to spend a cost of about $10.

The Bottom Line: Is Revlon Nearly Naked the best?

While every woman has different skin care needs, those with large pores oftentimes agree that the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation is one of the best foundation for large pores. Check it out for yourself and discover how it can change your entire beauty regimen.