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Four Key Values of the Singaporean MoneyLender

Much has been said and written about Singapore’s short history as an independent city-state and its citizens, customs and ethics. For a number of years, it has become something of a legend and is seen as been an exemplary example for other nations to follow. Indeed, neighboring Southeast Asian countries have done the very thing and, even with its own unique socio-economic challenges to deal with, have seen the fruits of their labors.

Much in line with that of most of his esteemed peers, the Singaporean MoneyLender is living his business based on four core values not experienced by errant and budget constrained men and women who either were heavily in debt or were refused lending opportunities by the status quo due to a lack of security and/or collateral. The Singaporean moneylender is, by and large, flexible and lives and runs his business, based on these four key values; professionalism, resilience, customer care and transparency which, in essence, is part of the retail requirement of treating the customer fairly.


From the moment contact is made with the client, a pact is made. This is informed by a commitment to handle the client’s requirements with discretion, compassion and careful consideration. It, of course, includes the four key values mentioned. Being professional means not only behaving accordingly but also showing proof that the lender’s qualifications are sincerely tried and tested. A customer-oriented professional is resilient to all pressures felt in the lending environment, however, thanks to ethical behavior; no pressure is brought to bear on the client to be forced into a commitment he will not be able to keep.

Being transparent and professionally attuned to his business also means that the bespoke money lender will not be swayed by any desperate pleas and irrational behavior on the part of his clients.