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Face Powder Tips

Did you ever buy a face powder, or receive a birchbox gift that included face powder and you had no idea what to actually do with it? Well, after reading this article, you’ll know, and that powder that you got in your birchbox gift will finally be useful.

Face powder has several uses. The principle use, however is to help your makeup last longer. If you have greasy skin, it can help control shiny areas, and if you like, it can also replace foundation and help to cover small imperfections.

The most common types are mineral powders, loose powders, compact powders, and highlighter powders.

Mineral powders are used instead of foundation. They are minerals, and so they don’t block pores and people that have skin that often has acne problems can use them without any worries. They don’t have ingredients that irritate the skin, and are recommended for sensitive skin and for people looking for natural makeup.

birchbox gift

Loose powders are easy to put on and are for helping to keep your makeup in place. They can be used with any sort of skin, but you have to be careful if you have wrinkles, because it may make them more visible.

Compact powders have the same function as loose ones, but usually give more coverage than loose powders.

Highlighting powders can either be compact or loose and are used to bring light to the skin, so you look more radiant. They help the skin look more uniform. These are transparent and are hard to note, unless someone takes a flash picture of you, and your face looks white. In person, it’s invisible. They are very used in professional makeup and can help a lot, and if you apply it well, even in photos it will not show up!